Tuesday, November 30


semester break.
tiada idea.
siapkan tesis sahaja.
ok, stop. mata terkena ketumbit tersangat la sakit.


Wednesday, November 3

miss you and you make me feel

so far away..and it is drive me crazy thinking of you. i know that u wana let it go. but, i still want u...oh shit!

I can't sleep, I just can't breathe
When your shadow is all over me, baby
Don't wanna be, a fool in your eyes
'Cause what we had was built on lies

And when our love seems to fade away
Listen to me hear what I say

I don't wanna feel the way that I do
I just wanna be right here with you
I don't wanna see, see us apart
I just wanna say it straight from my heart
I miss you, Oh baby I miss you, I do, I miss you, I miss you, I do

What would it take for you to see
To make you understand that I'll always believe
You and I, can make it through
And I still know, I can't get over you

Cause when our love seems to fade away
Listen to me hear what I say


I've been trying to reach you
Cause I got something to say
But you're talking about just nothing at all
And you're slipping away
We were crying together
It was a long time ago
Before you walk out the door
And leave me this way
Just here what I say

You make me feel
You make me real
For the rest of my days
In so many ways
You make me feel

I've been trying to leave you
Why should we go on like this
But my heart can't breathe
When I hear you say
It's better this way

Ten thousand light years away from you
Keep thinking maybe it's time to let go
But by the end of the day
I still want to say "Do you"

p/s: fine..sedikit nonsense lately..;-)

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